Two Earthquakes shake Mexico

The southern part of Mexico had not yet recovered from the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred shortly before midnight on Thursday, September 7th, when another strong quake struck on Tuesday the 19th at 1:00 PM; this time the epicenter was located 120 KM from Mexico City, with a magnitude of 7.1. The first earthquake impacted the Mexican states Oaxaca (around Isthmus and Tehuantepec) and Chiapas, estimating more than 100 people dead, 2.3 million affected and 5,000 buildings damaged, including homes, schools, hospitals and churches.

While the first quake primarily affected rural areas, the second had implications for urban zones, due to the proximity of the metropolitan area which inhabits more than 20 million people. In this instance, many buildings were destroyed, including schools and houses, burying people amongst the rubble.

Impact on Fairtrade Organizations

In the images, it is possible to observe the area affected by both earthquakes, as well as the location of all Fairtrade organizations in the region. Due to the first quake, Fairtrade coffee farmers and their families were affected in the vicinity of the mountain range “Sierra Madre del Sur” in Oaxaca, as coffee is produced around the outskirts of the mountains. Organizations have reported 500 houses collapsed. Among these organizations is UCIRI, a pioneer of Fairtrade. According to technical personnel, in the indigenous region of Zapotec, farmers’ houses have been damaged and cracked, leaving families fearful of collapse.

The second earthquake affected the central region of Mexico; this is where Fairtrade honey organizations are located, as well as agave and avocado. It is reported that one honey organization suffered warehouse damage and two members’ homes were severely damaged; these will soon be demolished by the government. Once the state of emergency passes, the National Fair Trade Platform in Mexico hopes to make additional assessments to quantify the total damages in a final report.


At a national level, extended families, communities and citizens have been responding in solidarity. Neighbors are supporting each other by sharing their homes. Temporary shelters have also been opened. Expressions of solidarity have occurred throughout the country; people have come together to deliver food, clothes and other supplies to collection centers.

There has been interest from various National Platforms and other Fairtrade organizations to show solidarity for Mexico by means of financial support, to buy construction materials such as sheets, cement and rods, supplies that are currently in high demand. All forms of solidarity and brotherhood are appreciated. Please consider donating to relief efforts for Fairtrade organizations in Mexico.

Voluntary donations can be transferred to the follow bank account of the National Fair Trade Platform in Mexico that gathers Fairtrade Organizacions.

Bank Information

Account Number: 0158691053
IBAN Code: 012180001586910534
Branch: 4118, Roma
Address: Durango #81, CP 06700, Colonia Roma Norte, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F., MÉXICO
Address: Guanajuato 131, interior 301, CP 06700, Colonia Roma, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F., MÉXICO