Network of Peruvian coffee growers work in favor of fair trade based on principles and opportunities

During 2015, CLAC provided a total of 186 Small Producers’ Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean with training in strengthening capacities in the areas of social compliance and children’s well-being. Along these lines, a workshop on these topics was held in November 2015 in Peru, in the northeastern region of the Amazons (Región Nor Oriental de Amazonas). In attendance were representatives of important organizations of coffee producers. The objective was to enhance knowledge regarding compliance criteria within Fair Trade standards, as well as to consolidate collaborative relationships for confronting the challenges that these topics present for our society.

As a result of this workshop, efforts began to build what is today a reality: a Network of Cooperation in the technical areas of Lonya Grande coffee organizations. The network is composed of the CECAFE, JUMARP and Montaña Azul cooperatives, which bring together over 1,150 families in Fair Trade Organizations from the Lonya Grande, Yamón, Camporredondo and Ocallí districts of the Amazons Region.

“Our initiative is a great opportunity for our coffee-producer families. We are supporting each other mutually and strengthening our ties within inclusive fair trade, with principles and with respect for our societies,” stated Elvis Huanca, the Network’s coordinator.

Currently, the network has invested financial resources from the fair trade premium in implementing activities such as posters on children’s rights and well-being, workshops on Fairtrade system standards, and social impact campaigns.