Paraguayan Fair Trade Network positions itself in relation to the national government

With the objectives of debating the situation and prospects for sugar cane in Paraguay, developing a strategic-participative planning process for using available resources, and promoting sugar cane production in the country, the Paraguayan Network participated in the public hearing organized by the Agriculture and Livestock Commission of the country’s House of Representatives and the national Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Diego Cabral, a representative of Cañeros Orgánicos Asociados (CORA), believes that sugar cane is very important in family agriculture, as it directly generates a source of work for over 10,000 producers. “We are talking about approximately 50,000 people directly benefitting from sugar cane.”

The Network presented the situation at a plenary session, with information prepared in coordination with Paraguay Orgánico and the Paraguayan Chamber of Organic Producers (Cámara Paraguaya de Productores Orgánicos—CPROA). One of the presenters, Andrés González, a representative of the Manduvira Sugar Industry and Cooperative, emphasized sugar’s importance as a Paraguayan export product. “Paraguay ranks number one as a producer and exporter country, and has a positive presence in the world’s best markets, due to organic sugar, which is a healthy product that reflects respect for and caring for the environment,” he stated.

At the end of the event, the Inter-institutional Sugar Cane Sector Working Group was established, with participation by government institutions and the Paraguayan Fair Trade Network, as well as representatives from the industrial sector and producers from other sugar cane organizations in the country.

According to the most recent survey data from CLAC, there are 13 small producers’ organizations in Paraguay that are Fair Trade certified for sugar cane production. For a general panorama of the sugar situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, please visit our SUGAR INFOGRAPH at INFOGRAFÍA DE AZÚCAR.