Fair trade benefitting communities in Argentina

Fair trade workers in Argentina are developing successful projects for their communities, and in this way, are benefitting their organizations and families, as a result of effectively managing the fair trade premium.

One example can be seen with the workers at the Algarve farm, where wine grapes are produced, located in the town of Palmira in the San Martín department in the Mendoza province. These workers have prioritized children as those to benefit from their projects.

Marcelo Arancibia, a worker at Algarve, shared her testimony with us: “Here (at the farm) we are a single group—permanent workers, temporary workers, everyone. We have always had a very good relationship with the owners, but now we feel really good helping others without any of our own interests involved. This has strengthened us as a group, and we are very happy to be able to do it.”

On another note, the workers at Bodega Altavista, who belong to the Flores del Monte Association, organized and restored the Barrio Virgen de Luján plaza. About 72 families live in the neighborhood and their children had nowhere to play outside. The local municipal government had neglected the plaza, as well as general maintenance in the neighborhood, for many months, and so the group of workers decided to contribute their work, motivation, material and solidarity.

And lastly, workers at Bodega Vinecol in Argentina decided to work on a nutrition and health plan based on the experiences of workers in the Flores del Monte Association. The La Paz municipality, the department where the warehouse is located, provided ongoing assistance by a nutritionist, and under her guidance, they put together food bags to be distributed among workers and their families. The food items selected were fruit, vegetables, and low-salt, organic food products. These products are not easily available in their town, so they went to the capital of Mendoza to purchase them.

One of the Fair Trade principles and values is and will continue to be solidarity, not only between the North and the South, but also South-South.