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Progreso Network launches competition: With diversified production we improve our diet and our income!

Recently, CLAC, through the Progreso Network, and with support from the Universidad Minuto de Dios (Bogota, Colombia) and COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment), launched the competition entitled “With diversified production we improve our diet and our income!” The goal is to invite small rural producers’ organizations to share their positive experiences with good agricultural practices in crop diversification and family gardens aimed at food security and sovereignty.

All CLAC member organizations understand the importance of being able to guarantee greater and improved access to healthy, nutritious food through the diversification of their crops. Many already have family gardens to enable them to consume some basic food products in their homes. Other organizations have also diversified their production, finding new local market niches. In this way they diversify their income, and also guarantee that the entire rural community will have direct access to other products.

From CLAC’s perspective, Food and Nutritional Security and Sovereignty is a very important strategic focus, and for this reason, we invite you to participate through the competition aimed at recognizing best practices in crop diversification. However, above all, we invite you to share your experiences with other organizations across the continent in this area that is so important and strategic to the nutritional and economic sustainability of small producers.