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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of the Assembly’s mandate. It is composed by representatives of all the regions of the continent, of all the products, as well as of plantation workers certified by the Fairtrade Hired Labor standard. The Board, at the same time, names an Operational Committee, whose purpose is to follow up the implementation of CLAC’s strategic plan and other agreements.

The body responsible for implementing the established strategic lines by the General Assembly is the Board of Directors, which has a balanced representation of the different subregions and main products of the continent.

Main Objectives

The Board of Directors elected in the General Assembly of El Salvador (2015) for the period 2016-2018 is composed of the following representatives:

Marike de Peña President, Representative of the Caribbean Dominican Republic
Merling Preza Vice-president, Representative of Central America Nicaragua
Luis Martínez Director, Representative of Mexico Mexico
André Reis Director, Representative of South America Brazil
Miguel Munguía Director, Representative of the Honey Network Mexico
Carlos Reynoso Director, Representative of the Coffee Network Guatemala
Hildebrando Cárdenas Director, Representative of the Cocoa Network Peru
Joao Roberto Gasperini Director, Representative of the Fruits and Juices Network Brazil
Zenón Panamá Tito Director, Representative of the Quinoa Network Bolivia
Zulma Avilés Ramírez Director, Representative of Other Products Bolivia

Composition of the Board of Directors:

  • 2 Coffee Network
  • 1 Banana Network
  • 1 Cocoa Network
  • 1 Fruits and Juices Network
  • 1 Sugar Network
  • 1 Honey Network
  • 1 Quinoa Network
  • 1 Other Products
  • 1 Workers Network
  • 2 South America
  • 1 Central America
  • 1 Mexico
  • 1 The Caribbean