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Country Networks are very important entities within CLAC, because they play a fundamental role in all dialogue, analysis, discussion and consult processes; furthermore, they support and follow-up the services that CLAC provides to its members. Country Networks are platforms for a country with fair trade created by the same organizations of small producers, independently of the productive sector they belong to.

It is important to point out that Country Networks have their own processes and decision-making structures.

Some of the important activities that Country Networks do are:

  1. Organizing CLAC’s members in the country and representing it in its territory.
  2. Carrying out at least one General Assembly a year.
  3. Looking after the updated membership of CLAC.
  4. Coordinating the communication between CLAC and Small Producers Organizations.
  5. Being the contact with each of the specific product networks in their country of origin.
  6. Looking for management mechanisms, at a national level, to influence in local politics in favor of member organizations.
  7. Securing the updated information of each member organization in terms of quantity, location, and contacts, among other relevant information.
  8. Designing, presenting and coordinating projects oriented towards organizational sustainability and strengthening of the SPOs.
  9. Looking for and maintaining close ties with sources of financing at a national and international level in coordination with Networks, in order to present offers in favor of the Small Producer Organizations.
  10. Guiding the actions, strategies and vision of CLAC with Small Producer Organizations.
  11. Feeding required information for newsletters, web page and other means of communication to promote CLAC and therefore Small Producer Organizations.
  12. Facilitating the designation of delegates before CLAC’s Assembly.