What is CLAC?

The Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) co-owns the Fairtrade International system. CLAC is the network that represents all organizations certified as “Fairtrade” in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as other organizations of fair trade; its mission is to represent and promote the interests, empowerment and development of its members and communities.

CLAC was established in 2004, and has had legal status since 2005. Its roots are in the CLA (Latin American Network, which brought together small-scale coffee fair trade farmers) and the PAUAL (Latin American Network of Small Beekeepers), two continental networks of small producers, both founded in 1996, a year before the establishment of FLO.

Currently, it has over 800-member organizations in 24 countries across the continent. It is structured through Country Networks (that bring together producers of different products from the same country), Product Networks (that bring together producers with the same product, but from different countries), and a Workers Network.


We represent organizations of small producers and workers who are democratically organized, and we aim for the reinforcement and development of grassroots organizations. We provide assistance to our partners, promote their products and values, and we have social, political and economic influence.


CLAC aims to give assistance and training to grassroots organizations; to have an effective involvement from the various parties of its structure; to influence the creation of development and trade policies, reaching a local and international positioning; and to achieve distinction and promotion of our small producers and workers’ products.

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