Whait is CLACBook?

CLACBook is a system for the registration and search of CLAC’s Member Organizations.

The platform was created to provide basic information of grass-root organizations to help strategic decision-making, as well as highlighting our member organizations’ products. Throughout 2016 the registration of organizations in the platform increased from 397 to 545, with 148 new registrations that represent an increase of 37% and an estimated membership of 305,215 men and 98,623 women, which represent a 76% and 24%, respectively.

If you want to apply for CLAC’s membership, you must provide your organization’s information and create an account to manage said information, which will be saved confidentially.

If you are interested in contacting our organizations, you must gain access through a subscription to CLACBook’s platform.

Do not hesitate to contact the Communications team; they will help you solve any questions regarding the use of CLACBook’s Platform. It will always be a pleasure to serve you.