Fair Trade

Fair trade is a global social movement whose pioneering experiences started by the end of 1940 as alternative answers to the failure of the conventional trade model. Fair trade seeks to promote productive and commercially responsible and sustainable patterns, as well as development opportunities for small farmers, peasants and craftspeople with economic and social disadvantage, compared to the dominant players in the market.

Fair trade is a commercial model that puts human beings and social, economic and environmental sustainability of the society at the center; dignifying labor, respecting the environment and encouraging a responsible and sustainable management of natural resources.

Fair trade facilitates a direct access to the market in fair and equal conditions for small organized producers, creating a sustainable, solidary and quality marketing channel, as direct as possible between producers and consumers. With the goal that the work of producers and their organizations be recognized with dignity, in a way that consumers commit to the development of their communities. In addition, it seeks to ensure farmers and craftspeople decent working conditions, promoting community development and empowerment.

Main Objectives

The key elements of the fair trade movement are:

  1. Integral sustainability, in all its dimensions (social, economic and environmental), with an approach to shared responsibility between all the involved players in commercial chains.
  2. A detailed work with those who have been deprived of direct access to the market, promoting community development so that they can become key players in local development and can build long-term fair, solidary and transparent commercial relations that dignify human work, that respect cultural, ethnical and gender diversity and that encourage environmental and intergenerational sustainability.
  3. The promotion and respect of human and labor rights, promoting a fair recognition of the work of farmers and craftspeople.

Another fair trade fundamental objective is promoting responsible consumption culture because to consume means to choose the type of development that we want.