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Fair Trade and Sustainable Development Goals: a commitment for all

From the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers we call upon the players from the public, private, civil society and solidarity-based economy sector to consider fair trade relations a fundamental starting point for sustainable development; and take into account producer cooperatives, associations and organizations as true development players in the communities they belong to and influence, allies in identification, implementation and evaluation processes of public policies.

In addition, at a global level, that the governments, international organisms and the private sector keep building and deepening their commitment to fair trade; promoting in an even more clear way, production and consumption sustainable patterns. As a Producer Network of the Fairtrade International system, we assume this commitment, visualizing the complementarity that exists between the Sustainable Development Goals and the multi-dimensionality of the fair trade approach.

Sustainable development is a commitment of all, just as fair trade!

Consult CLAC’s positioning regarding SDGs.