Youth Inclusion

Youth inclusion as well as gender inclusion are fundamental processes for sustainable and equal development in small producers and workers organizations of fair trade. In our organizational field, youth inclusion refers to all of those transition and renovation situations of people in different occupations and functions in organizations in order to guarantee durability or sustainability of the same.

Said transition will be achieved through planned and sequenced mainstreaming of new people, that with new competences, capacities and energy compensate for the progressive processes of retirement in small producers and workers organizations.

Mainstreaming strategy

Youth inclusion in CLAC has the intention of mainstream the approach at a strategic level, which are the following:

  • Institutional

    Youth inclusion requires an institutional commitment in organizational culture and duties.


    Consolidating and adjusting existing spaces in CLAC, where generational participation be important for learning and exercise decision-making.


    Identify youth leadership that go in hand with the organizations’ mission and vision and promote active participation in the organizations’ endeavor.

Youth seeding an intergenerational approach

Conducting the encounter “Youth seeding an intergenerational approach” in March 2016, is another demonstration of the institutional commitment to generate an approach to the young population in the different regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. The event was attended by young representatives from 20 countries, that under defined objectives were assembled to consolidate an analysis of possible strategies and problems for youth inclusion.

This activity allowed to collect information from different countries to consolidate a work strategy with young people in CLAC. Some of the actions that young people from organizations involved expressed must be included in the strategy are:

  • Have spaces within the existing structures of CLAC that will allow them to have a place for reflection and elaboration of proposals aimed at strengthening youth participation and their leaderships in small producers and workers organizations.
  • Organizational strengthening and awareness to the board of directors of small producers organizations about the importance of youth inclusion and enhance their leadership.
  • Promote programs and projects that encourage youth participation in business and associative fields.
  • Include cultural and athletic topics for youth participation.
  • Promote education and learning schools in organizations with topics such as self-esteem, leadership, entrepreneurship, climate change, among others.
  • Propose policies at the government level to promote youth capacities development.

Progress in Youth and Gender

CLAC is at a very important moment at institutional level, given that in 2016 the program “El Salvador towards an inclusive development: women, men and young people from their organizations make economic development by promoting regional sustainable processes” was completed, which has been implemented in alliance with the Belgian NGO Trias, an experience that left us with relevant accomplishments and lessons.

During this time, were evident significant progress for the inclusive process of women and young people in El Salvador. Opportunities for dialogue were created, especially for young people, which has allowed to obtain first-hand information for the building of the inclusion strategy for young people in CLAC.

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