Growth and association with existing and new markets

A major pillar of CLAC’s work and development is to ensure that our member organizations have greater access to markets in the North and in the South.

Market development methodology

  • Development of a database of offers of small producers organizations, with support from Product Networks and Country Networks.

  • Develop local and international market database with information related to offer.

  • Promote the sale of products from fair trade organizations in different places, such as trade fairs, business trips, etc.

  • Facilitate the link between Fair Trade organizations with different industry and market players, tying this work with Product Networks and NFOs.

  • Seek mechanisms to eliminate unfair competition practices and that our members take advantage of the market.

  • Develop and implement trade initiatives in the South, that will allow our associate organizations to explore and enter new markets with growth potential.

  • Promote other Fairtrade products and services innovation, especially rural tourism for value chain in existing products.

Do not hesitate to contact CLAC to help you solve any questions regarding our work and the beneficial impact that Fair Trade has in our organizations, networks, territory and society.

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