Strengthening and development of our organizations

For CLAC, it is a priority to continue contributing tirelessly to the strengthening and development of the capacities of Small Producers Organizations and Workers Associations that are members of CLAC, in order to achieve a greater empowerment and a sustainable and self-managed development.

Strengthening methodology:

  • To keep implementing the Capacity Strengthening Strategy to improve the organizational, financial, productive and marketing area of CLAC’s small producer organizations, as well as standards advisors and CLAC’s cross-cutting themes.

  • Implement the Capacity Strengthening Strategy in order to achieve empowerment and improve collective bargaining of workers organizations.

  • Strengthen and promote the use of virtual platforms, so that they become tools that facilitate the capacity development of CLAC’s members and improve market access.

  • Carry out specific projects of production improvement linked to climate change, through alliances with other interested institutes of different regions or countries.

  • Look for the creation of alliances that will make possible to provide improved services and that go hand in with our mission and vision.

Do not hesitate to contact CLAC to help you solve any questions regarding our work and the beneficial impact that Fair Trade has in our organizations, networks, territory and society.

It will always be a pleasure to serve you!