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Advocacy strategy

Here at CLAC, we consider advocacy a fundamental tool in order to have a say in decision-making of different players (public, private or mixed), in the fair trade movement and before any situation, about topics that affect our members.

For this purpose, CLAC and Country Networks, as actors of change, are set at different levels. They influence decision-making processes, they propose specific legal frameworks and public policies that recognize the positive impacts of fair trade and contribute to the development of grass-roots organizations, as well as the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental development of the communities.

Discover in depth the Advocacy Strategy

Main objectives

  • Influence in decision-making of different players (public, private or mixed), in the fair trade movement and before any situation, about topics that affect our members.

  • Implement CLAC’s Advocacy Strategy, guiding actions to the issue prioritized by our members, especially in public policy issues that guarantee, among others, market access and financing for small producers of fair trade, appropriate answers to climate change and development of a responsible consumption of our societies.

  • Take part in different situations that generate social, economic and commercial development policies, similar to CLAC’s associates.

  • Generate knowledge (studies, researches, position papers, etc.) from grass-roots organizations so that they become tools for negotiation.

  • Promote strategic alliances with related organizations at a continental and country level, in the latter case through Country Networks.

  • Influence in government decision-making in related issues to CLAC’s cross-cutting themes.

Discover and take part in the Universities for Fair Trade campaign!

Latin American Universities for Fair Trade” is an impact and awareness campaign on the importance of establishing links of fair trade and responsible consumption in our Latin American and Caribbean societies.

Its main goal is to create a Latin-American and Caribbean universities network that supports fair trade through several academic activities, of social extension and direct connection with small producer organizations of fair trade.

Universities educate present and future political decision makers and are fundamental in all educational, investigation and development processes. It is for these reasons, among others, that they have a great potential to become key players in the specific promotion of fairer and more caring commercial relations.

This initiative of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC) follows the example of many similar campaigns and networks that have been created in other continents, especially in Europe, North America and Oceania.

Do you know the Latin American Towns and Villages for Fair Trade campaign?

From Latin America and the Caribbean, the two continental producers of fair trade networks CLAC and WFTO-LA, launch the campaign “Latin American Towns and Villages for Fair Trade” to carry out the impact and awareness work, both with public institutions as with civil society organizations, to support from cities the philosophy, principles and practices of fair trade and build a possible and necessary economy.

Cities are, naturally, the space for ideal dialogue between citizens and authorities. When citizens, also in their role as responsible consumers, develop a work of active impact, the results are very clear.

“Latin American Towns and Villages for Fair Trade” is a campaign of political and social impact; its aim is not to promote fair trade certificates, but to promote the common principles and values and the various practices and approaches of the movement at a local and regional level.

Do not hesitate to contact CLAC to help you solve any questions regarding our work and the beneficial impact that Fair Trade has in our organizations, networks, territory and society.

It will always be a pleasure to serve you!