In April of 2015 the Workers’ Network was formally established. This network consists of workers from certified Fairtrade plantations in Latin America and the Caribbean, which produce bananas, flowers, fresh fruit and wine. Its mission is to achieve empowerment through coordination and representation, allowing their voices to be heard in the Fairtrade system and to participate more actively in the decision-making process.

The Network aims to: build and consolidate the CLAC Workers’ Network; to promote and disseminate the principles, values and impact of Fairtrade among the certified plantations and other members of the system; to coordinate and actively participate in the consultation processes of Fairtrade, which are related to workers and influence policies and Fairtrade strategies through CLAC.

A committee has been established that seeks to coordinate the international network. This committee is constituted by two workers from the Andean region, two for Central America and the Caribbean and two from South America. This delegation is responsible for coordinating the communication with National Committees of Workers, which are the ones who maintain communication with the workers on issues related to fair trade.

In November of 2015 it will be the first time that the National Committees of Workers will choose delegates to participate in the VI General Assembly of CLAC. Later, among those workers’ representatives, one of them will be elected to take part in CLAC’s Board of Directors.