Coffee Network Presentation

Coffee Network includes the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade (CLAC) member organizations as a whole that work in the coffee sector and maintain the principles of the Fair Trade system and of the small producers organizations.

The Coffee Network was established in 2005, but has been operating since the 90s in the interest of building an institution with more representative and power of negotiation to defend the interests of coffee producer organizations, both in the national and international level.

Currently, the Coffee Network is composed of 155 small coffee producer organizations from different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The objectives of the Coffee Network are aimed at the social, trade union, corporate-technical areas, as well as the facilitation of processes and alliances.

The Coffee Network is created on two big internal bodies:

  1. General Assembly:democratic space in which representatives from member organizations participate.
  1. Coordinating Committee: elected body by the General Assembly. Its function is to raise before CLAC’s Board of Directors the concerns, problems and proposals of small coffee producer organizations.
  • The consolidation of a constant communication between the Latin American and the Caribbean Fair Trade organizations.

  • The definition, approval and implementation of policies in favor of small coffee producers.

  • The promotion and defense of the original principles and criteria of Fair Trade.

  • The promotion and strengthening of alliances with other producer networks and with different players that take part within the Fair Trade system.

  • The promotion of member organizations’ coffee in trade fairs and international events.

  • The exchange of experiences and strategies development between member organizations of the Coffee Network.

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Their coffee organizations, figures and impact

The first small coffee farmers association that managed to enter Fair Trade in Colombia was Asprocafé Ingrumá; their first export of Fair Trade in the international market was in 1992 through Expocafé, leader and pioneer in Fair Trade coffee marketing in Colombia.

Since its exports started in the FairTrade market, Expocafé has transfered millions of dollars to communities that use it as an exporter.

Expocafé, has been the leader coffee exporter of Fair Trade in Colombia. This dynamic started in 1991 when its manager was in Europe visiting clients and coincidentally ran into the subject of Fair Trade. Initially, certificate Fair Trade in Colombia was about coffee and then covering categories such as cocoa, banana, flowers, fruits and crafts.

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