The body responsible body for operationalizing CLAC’s work is the Board of Directors, which counts on an equilibrate representation of the different sub-regions and main products.

The Board elected in the General Assembly of El Salvador (2015) for the 2016-2018 period includes the following representatives:

Marike de Peña President, Representing of Caribe
Merling Preza Vicepresident, Representing of Central America
Bernal Valverde Secretary, Sugar Network
Luis Martínez Director, Mexico
Luis Fernando Peña Director, South America
André Reis Director, South America
Harold Suárez Director, Workers Network
Miguel Munguía Director, Honey Network
Carlos Reynoso Director, Coffee Network
Lina Trujillo Director, Coffee Network
Aimeth Fernández Director, Banana Network
Hidelbrando Cárdenas Director, Cocoa Network
Joao Roberto Gasperini Director, Juices and Fruits Network
Zenón Panamá Tito Director, Quinoa Network
Zulma Avilés Ramírez Director, Representing Other Products