Resource Mobilization Unit

The main objective of the Resource Mobilization Unit is to manage actions aimed at obtaining partnerships and funding opportunities that contribute to the process of empowerment and self-management of the membership and the financial sustainability of CLAC.

Resource mobilization responds to CLAC’s growing desire and need to increase the quality and quantity of its actions to fulfill its mission by obtaining external resources that allow it to carry out innovative activities that it would not otherwise be able to do, with a qualitative and quantitative approach. With the increasing level of expertise of its team, CLAC seeks to deepen its collaboration with other entities that share the same values, and to take better advantage of external resource opportunities with and for its membership, with a methodology based on the resource mobilization cycle (planning, action, reflection). Part of this resource mobilization process consists precisely in the creation of the programs and projects in CLAC’s portfolio, and in the management of its partnerships.

CLAC firmly believes that the only way to achieve a more sustainable, just and equitable world for small producers and workers in Latin America and the Caribbean is through the involvement of people in their own development. Consequently, the Resource Mobilization Unit proposes a participatory and significant approach in all its actions, involving people at every stage of resource mobilization to ensure that solutions are found that are adapted to their needs and challenges, thus contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations.  


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