Fairtrade is a commercial model that puts human beings and the social, economic and environmental sustainability of societies at the center, dignifying work, protecting the environment and promoting responsible and sustainable management of natural resources. Learn more about Fair Trade through the stories of its protagonists, the producers, and workers.

“I consider Fairtrade as a friend and an ally. Thanks to them we have been able to grow. In my case I feel very supported in the sense that they give me my benefits. I give them my quality fruit, a healthier fruit that goes to the consumer, and so we continue to support each other always, working mutually, like a symbiosis.”

Johnny Navas, ASOGUABO, Ecuador

“When we talked about self-esteem, I was very afraid to speak in front of the other women, however, with the training, I personally learned to express myself and to grow, little by little I lost my shyness, sometimes it is very difficult, because you think: what if I am wrong when I say something and they laugh at me, but in the course of the workshop you lose your fear.”

Merlin Ramírez, Cooperativa CIASFA, Guatemala

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