Fairtrade Promotion

CLAC conducts different campaigns to promote Fairtrade and to publicize its impact on the lives of families of small producers and agricultural workers. This work of communication and advocacy seeks to make Fairtrade more widely known and expanded in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Fairtrade International system also campaigns to raise awareness of the benefits and impact of Fairtrade on the livelihoods of small-scale producers and workers of certified organizations worldwide.

Plant a Tree Challenge

Climate change is affecting our planet and its future impact, if we do not act now, it will be devastating and irreversible. Planting a tree helps to fight it. 
Organizations of Fairtrade small producers and workers are already feeling the effects of this climate emergency. And although their contribution to the problem is minimal, they have been working to protect the environment for many years.
For 2022 we have set a goal to do more and we have taken on the challenge of planting as many trees as possible together with Fairtrade producer and worker organizations.
We invite you to join us.
It’s time to act.
Let’s plant for the future.

Learn more about this campaign at www.tree-challenge.org

The future is fair

At Fairtrade and CLAC we believe that the future will be fair. But what does this mean and how can we achieve it?

Our global strategy envisions a world in which producers and workers enjoy sustainable and secure livelihoods. Learn more about who we are, what we do and how you can join us: #TheFutureIsFair #LivingIncome #SocialJustice

With Fairtrade, you and me, we are more

The objective of this campaign was to communicate from experience, adding life stories that become tools for collective transformation.

Organized by CLAC’s communications team and with the active participation of the Country Platforms of 19 countries in the region, the campaign has as protagonists the producers of the most varied products coming from the earth, who through the exchange of valuable experiences will seek to broaden the horizons of an alternative trade modality that we hope will become a trend.

With Fairtrade, you and me, we are more.

Learn more about this campaign in this link.

The promotion of Fair Trade is also done through music. We share the songs that the duo Shaka and Dres have composed about Fair Trade.


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