Country Platforms

Country platforms are very important entities within CLAC, since they play a fundamental role in all the processes of dialogue, analysis, discussion, and consultation; in addition, they support and follow up on the services that CLAC provides to its members. Country platforms are Fair Trade country platforms created by the same small producers’ organizations, regardless of the productive category in which they belong.

It is important to note that Country Platforms have their own decision-making processes and structures.

Country Platforms, in addition to the functions and attributions established by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, will oversee the following functions:

  1. To represent CLAC in its country or territory.
  2. To exercise the local defense of CLAC’s interests.
  3. In coordination with CLAC’s Board of Directors and the Management Board, to implement those programs or functions delegated by CLAC for its territory.
  4. To fulfill and execute the functions and attributions approved by the Assembly, as well as the operative roles established by the Board of Directors.
  5. To facilitate the holding of Assemblies in each country, either in person or virtually, in order to elect delegates to CLAC’s Ordinary or Extraordinary Assemblies.
  6. To coordinate with the Management Board and the Chief Executive Officer of CLAC, the actions to be developed for the execution of the Strategic Plan approved by the association’s General Assembly.
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