Project title: Farmer Organizations for Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (FO4ACP): Caribbean program

Duration: May 2021 – December 2022

Area of implementation: Dominican Republic

Topics: entrepreneurship, gender and youth inclusion and rural businesses

General information:

Farmer Organizations for Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (FO4ACP) in the Dominican Republic is a 24-month project that will have an operational implementation time of 21 months (May 2021 to December 2022) through which we will work with five small farmer organizations in the area known as Línea Noroeste (the Northwest Line) in the Dominican Republic:

  • La Santa Cruz (banana)
  • Banelino (Banana)
  • Juan Cruz (Cocoa)
  • Las Mercedes (banana)
  • Asoanor (banana)

General objectives

Specific objetives

  • Improved access to services to empower women, rural youth and vulnerable communities.
  • Increased entrepreneurship, access to markets and finance through equitable value chains and business development services within farmer organizations, respecting the principles of sustainable food and agriculture.
  • Facilitate a common national and sub-regional program and policy development process with key stakeholders and partners, including rural youth and farmers’ organizations.
  • Develop and promote an evidence-based knowledge platform as a basis for information sharing, training and capacity building;


·       Component 1:           Provision of economic services along priority value chains.
·       Component 2:           Enabling business environment.
·       Component 3:           Institutional development of farmer organizations.
·       Component 4:           Communication and visibility

Consortium implementing the project:

  • Trias
  • CLAC

Through the project, two exchanges of experiences on inclusive entrepreneurship have been carried out.


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