What do you buy when you buy Fairtrade wine from Latin America?

All purchasing choices matter and generate some consequence for the world and for the people who produce them. 

Today, more than ever, meeting society’s truly sustainable demands involves environmental, social, and economic awareness and practices. In other words, it increasingly involves choosing fairer trade. 

In the context of this need to promote a more sustainable and responsible awareness in our consumption, we present the series: What do you buy when you buy Fairtrade wine? We invite everyone to join us in the world behind the glasses of wine, especially the grapes harvested by small producers and Fairtrade workers from Argentina and Chile.   

Stories such as Luis Urbani, Andrea Serna, José Luis, Bruno Costa, Mireya Sepúlveda, Jocelyn Soto, Víctor Yáñez, and María Pacheco, producers and workers, protagonists with a life of challenges and personal and professional improvement, who allied to Fairtrade achieve a more dignified life.

Buying a bottle of Fairtrade wine is synonymous with recognizing those stories, the faces behind every glass of wine, promoting better decent working conditions and generating a positive impact for the communities, more sustainability, and child protection. In short, it is to contribute to a fairer world that deserves to be sustainable in the long term. To buy with a conscience is also choosing a more sustainable future for consumers and producers. 

Fairtrade facilitates small producers and organized workers’ access to the market under fairer and more equitable conditions, creating a marketing channel on more sustainable, supportive, and quality, as direct as possible between producers and consumers. To recognize with dignity the work of producers and their organizations, to facilitate consumers to commit to the development of their communities.  

This week learn about the story of Yoselyn Soto (Viñedo Emiliana) and Bruno Costa (Bodega Montlaiz)

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